Marco Foster is a 23 year old singer and guitarist whose melodies and musical stylings draw inspiration from timeless artists like Stevie Wonder, John Mayer and D’Angelo, while showcasing a modern pop sound.

HAILING FROM WASHINGTON D.C., MARCO FOSTER’S RESPECT FOR CLASSICAL HITS OF A PAST ERA IS REFLECTED IN HIS ABILITY TO RE-IMAGINE THE MUSIC OF SOME OF THE GREATS, INFUSING HIS OWN MILLENNIAL EDGE. Despite being an up and coming artist, Marco has entertained crowds of up to 80,000 people at venues like Wembley Stadium. his Other TV and high profile appearances include the Today Show, the MLB All Star game, wendy WILLIAM'S show and The nickelodeon Halo awards. 

marco's tracks have reached #1 and #2 spots on charts like hypemachine, and his success collaborating with artists such as tasty treat and nikö blank is a testament to his continued effort to explore new styles and advance his sound. With upwards of 400,000 plays on soundcloud for certain tracks, marco has cemented himself as a true force within the industry. He is only just getting started.



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 I'm representing Sherman|Preston for their new 'H Y P E.' clothing campaign!  Click the image to check out the feature in Gent Magazine.

I'm representing Sherman|Preston for their new 'H Y P E.' clothing campaign! Click the image to check out the feature in Gent Magazine.

“…Marco gives an impressive vocal performance, with a sexy timbre and effortless delivery. Expect to see more of this guy in the future.”
“Well, NYC-based artist Marco Foster has just put together an immaculate re-interpretation. With a voice that’s smooth like butter (if not smoother), Marco’s slightly more acoustic rendition of the newest Chainsmokers single is certain to make 90% of the people reading this swoon. Everyone wants someone to love them “from the inside out,” but when Marco Foster says it to you, he means it. Make sure to head over to his Soundcloud and check out some of his other kick-ass covers.”
“They (Tasty Treat) have just released a brand new single called ‘Sideways’ which features the lush soulful croons of NYC singer/songwriter Marco Foster, and together they have delivered an irresistibly seductive tune that will have you have you feeling a little bit moist in no time at all.”
Producer Nikö Black reworks the original with smooth, future bass arrangements and melodic percussion builds while NYC singer Marco Foster showcases his vocal range in place of Kai’s sultry tones. The pair combine talents quite nicely and have captured a new energy that feeds into the album’s hype

Inside Out

by Marco Foster